Saturday, September 13, 2014

Camping for Wimps (or the wise)

This week, we celebrated 6 weeks of kicking booty with our school work.  We took a trip over to Valley of the Rogue State Park to camp in a yurt for a few nights.  A yurt, because the Cato's are all done pretending to enjoy sleeping on the cold, hard ground.  It had electricity and a heater.  And you know what?  You know that sore, tired, dirty feeling you usually have when you come home from camping?  We didn't have it!  A little sticky from s'mores and a lack of bathing, but warm and rested.  We got to swim a little, play a little, and even slipped into Medford for some really yummy food!  

I didn't get very many pictures this week, but this is the outside of the yurt.  It was very peaceful.

Bunk beds on the right, futon on the left.  We all slept great.  These beds were pretty comfortable.

At night, we made friendship bracelets, looked at the stars, and had "So much better than s'mores!"  At least that's what my kids called them.  We will never eat a normal s'more again.  The correct way to eat a s'more can be found here.  I'm really very sorry for opening that door, but the truth must be told and the people must have better s'mores.

Jackson helped with the scrambled egg wraps one morning.

I can't believe I'm posting the just-woke-up pictures, but oh well.  We were all snuggled in one bed together and took a bunch of pictures.

The kids had a water fight and took a dip in our makeshift pool.  It was 100 degrees, so measures had to be taken!

Another morning, we had chocolate chip waffles.  Jeff and I both feel terrible after eating what the kids ate the entire trip.  We were trying to be the fun parents and let them have yummy camp food, but we needed more vegetables and whole grains!  Surely, this is a sign of aging.  Sigh.

On Friday night, we got to visit the Martini's at their new home!  It was so wonderful to see them!  I did a terrible job of photographing the house so that Julie could see, but here is one of the back yard.

Close-up of the pool.

And here is a little of the view from their house on a hill.  You can see Upper and Lower Table Rock in the background.  The view from the house is panoramic, so you can see the entire valley from anywhere in the house.  There are floor-to-ceiling windows in every room--gorgeous from anywhere you happen to be.  I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of the inside of the house, since it is so beautiful.  We will all just have to go over soon so we can see the Martini's again.

Cold.  As usual.

Jax was timing himself to see how quickly he could ride around the loop.

And here are a few funny pictures from last week:

Jeff found this on the fridge.  We were laughing about what she wrote on the "Saving For" line.  Polly Pockets can't bring you happiness, Jordan!

Jackson made these cinnamon rolls for everyone last week.

This is Jordan, pretty much all the time.  Except when she is sleeping and doing her schoolwork.

I've prayed a lot in recent months, asking the Lord to help me to know what exactly I am supposed to be doing with these not-so-little people.  Fretting that I'm messing up.  Parenting can be scary for me sometimes!  But I found this last week, laying in a pile of Megan's drawings, and it felt like a win.