Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer 2014: Weeks 3 & 4

Week 3 was all about the water!  We went to the river three afternoons and to the pool another day.  My car and garage are as sandy and covered in peanut butter as you would expect.  It's wonderful.  :) 

We are really enjoying the beautiful weather and not having to be on a schedule for a change!  Here are some pictures from the past few weeks of our summer break.

The kids made these cute watermelon rice krispie treats to take to fellowship.

Meg at the river.

Jackson gets so cold!  Even on a hot day, he has to spend a fair amount of time on the warm rocks wrapped up in a blanket.  I'm on the lookout for a wet suit in his size!  This year he has entertained himself by skipping rocks and is getting pretty good at it!

For our project this week, Megan and I sanded down this old, scratched up table and painted it.  Well, we painted it until we ran out of paint, let's put it that way.  My dad's voice rang in my head, "If you're going to do something, do it right!"  But then I remembered summer rule #52:  You are not permitted to fixate on perfection, but only to have fun and do your best with the resources you have available to you at the time.

So you can see, my hands were tied on the matter.  Rules are rules.  Probably could use another coat if we ever decide we'd like to do that.  But it turned out great for Meg's first real project, and now Jackson has this cute table in his room!

The 14th was the lowest tide of the year, so we went to McVay Beach to explore.

Jackson was my tide pool buddy, and Jeff stayed with the girls.  It's funny because the girls were content to look pretty close to the shoreline, but Jackson made a beeline for the water.  He always wants to go as far, fast, high and loud as possible.

My people.

Meg and Jordan are my little beachcombers.

Jordan + Daddy = Trouble.  
This is her mischievous little grin after they filled our treasure bucket with gravel.

Wet, but happy.

We had to get up early for the tide pools, so we went home for a nap and then up to Miller Bar later that day to swim.

Swimming with my girls.  They are so brave and jump right in that freezing water!

This dragonfly kept landing on everyone's head for a quick "hello."  The kids were tickled that it kept coming back.

The rock skippers.

She told me, "Mom, we have all summer to take pictures!  You don't have to take any more pictures today!"

But these sweet faces need to be photographed!  Look how blonde Jordan's hair is getting from the sun!

And that was week THREE. 

Week 4 began with Father's Day.  The kids all made Jeff gifts this year, with no help or input from me.  Jackson made Jeff a catapult, Jordan crocheted a bookmark for his Bible and gave him some seaglass, and Megan made him a custom eye patch.

Dad can be blingin' with his awesome new eye patch!

Also this week, Jackson began swimming lessons.  The heated pool is really nice for our poor little popsicle boy!

Week 4's project was washing the windows!  Super fun, right?  Jordan was my helper for this job, and she's a fantastic window washer!

So those are the highlights from week 4 of our summer!

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