Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer 2014: Week 7

Week 7 already!  This week was fairly calm in the Cato house.  The first half of it consisted of another river trip, Monopoly Millionaire games, gardening, school planning (yay!) and puzzles.  Not too much worth taking pictures of.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, but just wait, because the last half of the week was full of fun and laughter and excitement and fires and A BEAR!  I know, right?  You're super excited to see it all now, aren't you?

So here is our week 7 in pictures.  Many, many pictures!

We spent a few beautiful days camping up river with the Powers' and Nichols'.

I think he said that he had hunted or something like that.  Holding a sharp stick makes little boys feel powerful.

We celebrated Tristan's 17th birthday with him!  Tristan is a stellar boy who watches out for the younger boys and teaches them lots of cool tricks.  I am thankful that Jackson has Tristan to be friends with.

The big boys took the kayaks down for a ride.

At some point after I left the river bank, Jeff ran into a rock and flipped over.  He came back to camp soaked but happy.

Watching the daddies.

I told you there was a bear!!!  And excitement!!!

Frisbee boys.

Campfire stories are the best.

Tay and Meg.

Julie was a great fire keeper while the men were playing horseshoes. 

Jordan and Trent, playing Skip-Bo.  This cracks me up because in this one T is being a silly...

and in this one J is being a silly...

and in this one they are both showing their true colors!  What a pair these two are.  Gone are the days when they smiled nicely for cameras.

Jackson always digs a hole.  Always.

The girls finally got to take their new boat out for a ride.

Favorite shot of the weekend!  This kid can melt a heart with that smile.

Maddie Grace is graceful indeed on the kayak.  Me, not so much.

This shot looks alive to me.  I love it.

My little chica.  What a happy girl she was this weekend!

So, I feel like I need to explain this picture series.  Matt was playing bumper kayaks with the kids, then I guess Jeff and Hank decided that he looked too dry.

So chaos very quickly ensued...

Matt retaliated...

They wrestled and Hank threw Matt into the river.

But out of the river he came to avenge himself!!!

So yeah.  Little boys.  All of them.

Meanwhile, the girls were gliding up and down the river in style.

And Jackson froze himself blue in the water and then bundled up and slept.

Mermaid Maddie came to visit Jordan.  This reminds me that I haven't gotten a picture of Maddie's mermaid tail yet!  Hopefully next week!

Sunday after fellowship we went hiking at Indian Sands.

The fog was rolling in and the whole thing was just peaceful and extraordinarily beautiful.  

Haven't ever seen one like this before.

My kids are so blessed to have this Daddy.  They were all watching some eagles here, too close to the cliff's edge for my comfort!

Wild huckleberries, still sour.  I said we should come back in a month and see if they've ripened.

Uncooperative photo subject #1,


and #3.  I don't know why I even bother to bring my camera sometimes!

The girls found this natural sawhorse.  Meg was telling us how the Indians made sawhorses and used them to rub leather.  She kind of reminds me of Klaus from A Series of Unfortunate Events with all her little tidbits of information that she has picked up reading.  Maybe she'll be a contestant on Jeopardy some day and win a million dollars and take me to Ireland.  Ha!

Well anyway, that was week 7 of our summer vacation!  
Only a few more weeks before we start easing our way back into school!

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