Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer 2014: Week 9

I cannot remember what in the world we did this week!  I had sinus pressure headaches nearly every day, so maybe that's why the details are a bit fuzzy.  Ha ha.  At least I can rely on the photos that I took to do this week's post.  :)  

The rain came for a day and these two don't like to miss an opportunity to run around in it.

In history, we are studying the ancient Egyptians, and spent some time making our own hieroglyphs.

Megan decided to dye some paper and stamp a secret message on it, then roll it up like an ancient scroll.

We have confused weather here on the coast!  Another day was very warm and Jax needed to cool off in the sprinker.

Jeff made this rabbet thingy.  I'm very happy for him to finally have the time to work on the projects he wants to do.  Just don't ask me what the rabbet thingy does.  (Because I have no idea whatsoever.)

Oh yes, now I remember!  This picture reminds me that my kitchen table was COVERED with crafting items for days!  Jordan spent several days doing different projects, including making Barbie shoes like these.  She and Jackson also built on to their popsicle stick community and Megan made some shadow-shape designs that I didn't get a picture of.

Friday we grabbed a few of the Nichols' crew and went to Fort Dick for another herb class.  This month we learned about red clover and calendula.  The class was wonderful--the kids made calendula infused lip balm and we all picked and tasted the sweet red clover blooms!  They really do taste like sugar at the bottom!  They would be very pretty in a salad, I think.  I'd like to try that soon.  I forgot my camera so no photo of the kids, but here are a few pics of the herbs and links, in case you want to know how you can use them yourself!  

Sunday after fellowship, we hiked at House Rock.  It's one of my favorite hikes, and as you can see, Jordy was pretty pumped about it, too!

Posting this with the kids' permission.  They wanted their grandparents to see their amazing crazy faces!

Megan found a good spot to check out the scenery.

And from her vantage point, she did a quick sketch of the shoreline.

This is what she was sketching.  This picture looks foggier than it actually was.

Happy hiker.  I love her enthusiasm!

Jordan snapped this picture.

While we were taking pictures of the scenery and drawing and climbing things, different visitors stopped by.  We visited with families from Utah and Nevada.  It's neat to see how people take in our ocean.  We tend to take it for granted, sort of like, "Yep, that's a beach alright."  I don't want to make too much of it, but sitting there I noticed that people who don't see the ocean often are quieted by how awesome it is.  They just stand there and stare, taking it in--even the kids.  
At one point, the father of the family from Nevada came up the stairs, clearly excited, and said to his wife, "You have got to see this trail we just found!  It's like a library of trees--I can't think of any other way to describe it."  He was talking about the trail that our family had just finished hiking.  We really are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Just for your amusement.  Or maybe just for my own.  Ha ha.  
I asked Jax to do his best "Captain America" face.

It's been fun and quite fine, but now we're done with week 9!
Only one more week until we start our new school year!

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