Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer 2014: Week 6

This week I didn't take many pictures.  We went to the river one day, but stayed home pretty much the rest of the week.  It was nice, after 5 weeks of go, go, go!  I worked in the garden, did some organizing, ran, took two naps ( TWO!!! ), checked out new books from the library, and took care of a bunch of other little things that we've been too busy to tend to.  It was needful, but we are all looking forward to another few weeks of river/beach/hike/swim/play!

This is my only real snapshot from the week.  Megan and Jackson have always found their common ground on the Lego floor.  They sit and concoct everything from cities to combat wear, and film movies once they've set up their scenes.

The 4th of July just wasn't the 4th of July this year.  I wasn't feeling it.  We stayed home, did chores, and got ready for the girls' sleepover that was taking place the following evening.  I did let the kids have a few boxes of poppers, which is their favorite, I think.

The next night, 5 of the girls' friends came over for a stay-up-all-night sleepover!  Madison showed everyone how to make paper lanterns.

Crazy eyes.

Anna and Jenna working on a lantern.

 This isn't your average bubble-blowin' crew.  This was war.  Bubble war!  Maddie is a bubble ninja, sneaking up on everyone.  :)

Sweet Zoe.

Taylor (with the sun in her eyes--I still love this picture!)

We strung (strang?  string-ed?  Strung doesn't sound right.) the lanterns from the house to their tent.

And then broke out the glow-in-the-dark stuff and let them loose!  

I had a little fun taking pictures with no flash.

One of the kids brought a few fireworks, so Jeff lit them for the girls.

There were a lot of other hilarious happenings.  I do need to let the mama's know that the sugar-pumped girls did a wild Turbo Jam workout at midnight--one that I may have a video of.  See me privately and bring peanut butter m&m's if you'd like to discuss this video.

And that's week 6 of our vacation!

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