Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer 2014: Week 8

So this week we started our history back up, which has been really fun.  The kids don't want to talk about starting math in a few weeks, but I figure we'll just ease our way back into things and maybe, perhaps, possibly, they won't notice that their summer is over???  Any chance of that working?

This week Jackson got a multi-tool.  He now wakes up early and immediately puts on a pair of jeans and a belt to carry it around with him.  It's really cute how excited he is to be considered mature enough to have this.  Last night at dinner he asked me, "Mom, do you think I've matured a little more this week?" :)

Jordan did a lot of sewing this week.  She is much more patient than her Mama, so she makes teeny-tiny clothes for Barbie-sized dolls.  Here, Merida is very happy to have a new summer dress.

One evening, Jackson said, "Mom, I am going to make you breakfast in bed tomorrow."  I said, "Oh, that's okay bud.  You don't have to make me breakfast in bed, but thank you!"

He said, "Okay, well, could you bring me breakfast in bed, then?"  Ha!  The next day I made him an egg and cheese and brought it to him bright and early!  He said, "This is SO GREAT, Mom!"

On Thursday, Meg got fitted for her new glasses.  She picked a fun, playful frame this year.  We all like them!

Later that evening, the Perreault's came over.  I took too many pictures of sweet Jorja peach!  She is the funniest little thing!

She is a little parrot and repeats everything you say!

Abby girl!

Fridays have been and will hopefully continue to be, fun days.  This week we learned about the first farmers and archaeology, so today we did this fossil craft.  Very challenging to work with this rock-like clay, but the kids did great!

Jordan's triceratops fossil

Megan wasn't interested in making a fossil (she never uses things for what they were intended for!), so she made a cute dog instead.

And speaking of cute dogs, Madison made a sweater for Lucy!  She is so pretty.

In the garden, things are going well.  We are harvesting lots of zucchini, romaine, kale, sugar snap peas, strawberries, and cherry tomatoes.  If I can get rid of these stinkin' cucumber beetles, I think we will have butternut squash in time for fall!

The spaghetti squash are very exciting for me!  I've never grown anything that gets so massive.  I have 3 or 4 large squash like this one and a handful of medium sized.  There are also a bunch of small ones, but we just have to wait and see what the weather does.  Never can tell when the sun is going to disappear here on the coast.

And with that, we say goodbye to week 8 of our summer vacation!

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